Concepts of god and faith in uzbek and tajik proverbs in terms of culture and language transfer theory

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Proverbs contain information of a particular nation‟s value system. The article deals with one of the axiological constants of the Muslim society, faith in God. It analyses the proverbs of the Uzbek and Tajik language extracted by the continuous sampling method from lexicographical sources and received from informants by means of a questionnaire. The semantic dominants with the „God‟ component are distinguished. Examples of Uzbek and Tajik proverbs are provided in line with the following semantics: God is a symbol of power, the supreme power; God bestows Man with gifts, gives him good things. God as a symbol of goodness, endowing Man with the best qualities; misdeeds done by Man are not acceptable to God; God‟s help and faith in God are not sufficient: Man must work and rely on himself as well. In Islam, parents are held in reverence after God, which is reflected in the Uzbek and Tajik proverbs. Proverbs representing attitude towards Sharia as a systematised code of laws and rules for Muslims have been analysed. Among the proverbs containing nominations of people associated with religion e.g. sheikh, mullah, ishan, Sufi, khodja, most are proverbs with the mullah component that is shown in Tajik and Uzbek linguocultures in a negative light. It has been concluded that faith as one of the universal human values is represented in the paroemiological fund of the Tajik and Uzbek languages illustrating postulates of the Quran, the Muslim scriptures. The match of a part of the proverbial material in the Tajik and Uzbek languages is attributed to cross-linguistic interference in the context of geographic position, which entitles us to speak of an example of cultural and linguistic transfer.

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JournalEuropean Journal of Science and Theology
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Publication statusPublished - 2021


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  • Transfer theory 1. Introduction

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